Katzs Delicatessen

Katz's Deli alone is a great reason to live in New York. Oldest Deli in NYC - Since 1888. We had pastrami sandwiches with pickles cucumbers and green tomatoes along with our first ever egg cremes. Roxy liked hers and I think it was my last one. I would have done much better with a Dr Brown's soda. I also had a terrific frankfurter. We think the pastrami is the best we've had. The ordering system is confusing the first time. A security guard gave each of us a little ticket and we were told not to lose it, we had to turn them in when we left. The walls are filled with pictures of the hundreds of celebrities that had eaten there, had been recognized and agreed to have their kissers up on the wall. As is true with most Manhattan restaurants, there is a picture of Johnny Depp. Each station we went to added their cost to a ticket. When we were finished we went to the cashier turned in our tickets even though one was blank, while the security guard gave us the once over. The guys behind the counter were helpful and friendly. The pastrami and the frankfurter were terrific.

The Food: Jewish Deli  Menu
Good to Gets: Pastrami. Frankfurter.

Features: Counter ordering. Takeout. Historic cafeteria decor and wall photos. Where Meg Ryan demonstrated how to fake an orgasm in "When Harry Met Sally" which made a neighboring diner say "I'll have what she's having." Security guard with tickets that each station you go to adds costs to. Then checkout with the cashier and guard.

When To Go: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Late Night. Sun-Thu 8am-10:30pm  Fri-Sat 8am-2:30am

Where To Go: Lower East Side Manhattan
Getting There: Map Directions  :  Google Street Camera

Katz's Delicatessen
205 E Houston St
New York, NY 10002-1098
(212) 254-2246

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