Bread  Photo Dan & Roxanne
Bread is a nice Italian restaurant tucked away in a quiet corner of the Nolita area of Manhattan offering reasonably priced comfort food. This is not easy to get in Manhattan. It's an interesting place with a lot of history and charisma. We had a great late lunch here. Nice service and quite a few hip looking people. Felt right at home. Quite a few of the women working and eating there looked to be models/actresses. They look like they need to put some meat on their bones and I think with enough help from Bread they could accomplish that.

The Food: Italian Comfort Food Menu
Good to Gets: The lunch special was only $10 - a big bowl of freshly made soup and a largish half sandwich.  Our sandwiches were winners. Mine was Chicken with tomato, avocado, mesclun, and a mustard balsamic dressing on ciabatta. Roxanne got adventurous and went for the Sicilian sardines with tomato and thai pepper mayo on baguette. Our son got Prosciutto cotto with brie cheese and Dijon mustard on ciabatta. I think our son fell in love a couple times during our meal. The soup was a delicious bowl of Bread tomato basil. 3 big thumbs up.  Went back for a 10pm dinner a few days later. Roxanne had the "best lasagna I've ever had" and I had the best meatballs and potatoes I've ever had. Had a nice big arugula with parmigiana salad and our lovely host comp'd us with a fantasic coffee gelato creation. It was a wonderful meal in a great place on a stormy night in lower Manhattan with a bevy of long legged skinny models abounding and feeding. Total bill $62 for 2 entrees, salad, plenty of bread and a tangy balsamic and oil dip, 2 Red Stripe beers, dessert, tax and the $10 tip. Not bad at all for this level of food service and ambience, especially in Manhattan.

Good To Knows: Credit Cards. Takeout. Delivery. Beer/Wine.

When To Go: Lunch Weekend Brunch Dinner Late Night Daily 10:30am - 12am

Where To Go: Nolita
Getting There: Map Directions  :  Google Street Camera

20 Spring St
New York, NY 10012-4135
(212) 334-1015

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