Zabars Cafe

Zabar's Photo Dan & Roxanne
We fell in love with Zabars' cafe and store. It's a frugal guy and gal's dream place in New York. You get in line tell people at different stations what you want, pay at the register and get a spot to sit or do what we did, find a place to sit, study the wall menu then make your move. Afterwards we browsed the grocery store and were pleased how cheap different foods were. This is a good place to grab some picnic foods and drinks and go over to Central Park. Another good reason to live in New York.

The Food: Breakfast. Sandwiches. Bagels.  Website
Good to Gets: We had double espressos ($1.35) large fresh squeezed orange juice ($2.25) Berry Berry smoothie ($3.75) and a good sized frozen yogurt with pineapple blueberries and strawberries ($5.50). They had sandwiches soups bakery goods that looked great and reasonable.

Good To Knows:  Credit cards. Takeout. Delivery. Kid and Wheelchair Friendly.

When To Go: Breakfast Lunch Dinner   Hours

Where To Go:  Upper West Side
Getting There:  Map Directions

Zabar's Cafe
2245 Broadway
New York, NY 10024-5899
(212) 787-2000

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